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Our 600 DPI technology produces the sharpest image available in a rubber stamp!


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  • Can I pick a font that is not on your standard font list?
    Yes, You can request any PC Font when you place your order or e-mail us your request.  If it is a font we have, we will use it.
    We have over 2000 fonts available.
  • Can I get a Proof before the stamp is made?
    Yes, We will e-mail a proof before making the stamp.
  • Can the stamp be refilled?
    Yes, but most people will never need a refill.  If you do, we can sell you a bottle of ink or you can send the stamp back to us to be refilled.  Most stamps will make 10,000 to 20,000 impressions before needing to be refilled.
  • Can my stamp have a custom graphic or logo?
    Yes, but it MUST be a graphic or logo that is 1 color.  The graphic must be a .bmp, .jpg, .wmf or .tif file type.
  • How long will the stamp last?
    50,000 impressions with reinking.
  • Will it work on Photos?
    No,  the ink will not dry on photos.
  • Will it work on glossy brochures?
  • Do I need a Stamp Pad?
    No, Our stamps come preinked so no messy stamp pad is required.
  • Is the ink Toxic?
  • Will it work on fabrics?
    It will work but will not last very long, so we don't recommend it.
  • Will it work as a hand stamp?
    Yes. It it will dry quickly. It's non-toxic properties allow it to wash off very easily with water so it may not be the best option if your event has a "leave and return" option.
  • Shipping and Handling?
    S&H for the first rubber stamp is $5.95 and each additional rubber Stamp on the same order is $1.00.
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